Han Kuo-yu floats alternative to Taiwan’s political system (2019/05/16)
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    Han Kuo-yu floats alternative to Taiwan’s political system (2019/05/16)

    Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu has floated an idea that he says could fix problems in the current semi-presidential political system. In a television interview, he proposed having the president also serve as the head of the Executive Yuan. Han was wading into an old debate on how to make the president more accountable to lawmakers, in a current system where only the premier reports to parliament.

    Not long after saying he would stay in Kaohsiung if elected president, Mayor Han floated a new idea.

    Han Kuo-yu
    Kaohsiung mayor
    We can all think it over. What if the president also served as the head of the Executive Yuan? The president is directly responsible to the Legislative Yuan. Is that feasible?

    The mayor pointed to the presidential system used in the United States. Under this system, the president exists without the presence of a premier, although the president is not directly responsible to Congress. DPP presidential hopeful Lai Ching-te weighed in.

    Lai Ching-te
    DPP primary candidate
    It wouldn't work. Such a system would be neither fish nor fowl. Mayor Han wanted to be mayor of Kaohsiung and then he wanted to be president. Now he also wants to be the premier. He would be so busy, I worry for him.

    Lee Chun-yi
    DPP lawmaker
    This is why they call him a man of straw. Right now the problem is that it's difficult to amend the Constitution. Another issue is whether the amendments should move toward a parliamentary system or a presidential system. Previously in the Legislative Yuan, the Constitutional Amendment Committee had discussed all of this. However they did not suggest what Han Kuo-yu is suggesting, that the president also serve as the premier.

    The DPP lawmaker offered a biting retort to the proposal. Meanwhile Han said he had meant only to provide food for thought, and that it would be years before changes could move in that direction.

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    韓國瑜拋總統兼閣揆 賴清德批:四不像



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