Electronics firms posts strong April figures amid demand for work-from-home gear (2020/05/22)
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    Electronics firms posts strong April figures amid demand for work-from-home gear (2020/05/22)

    The pandemic has dampened revenue in many industries, but electronics have been relatively unscathed. Amid lockdowns and social distancing regulations, laptop and tablet sales have increased~ as people turn to working from home and attending classes online. Last month, Taiwan electronics makers Compal, Quanta and Pegatron posted their highest earnings so far this year. Analysts say the pandemic has lifted what is usually the low season for electronics.

    Amid the pandemic, working from home or attending classes online have become increasingly common. That's caused the demand for laptops and tablets to skyrocket.

    Chen Yen-lin
    FTV reporter
    As demand for laptops and tablets heats up, many outlets have launched promotional deals to boost sales.

    Member of the public
    If, for example, you wanted to go to a cafe, you could bring a tablet along with you. It's not a bad option.

    Member of the public
    Of course you'd rather get a larger screen. I think it'd be better. It wouldn't hurt your eyes as much.

    It's out with the old and in with the new. On rising demand, original design manufacturer Compal sold 4.3 million laptops in April, an increase of 16.2% from March. Sales have shot up for smartphones, wearable devices, and tablets, especially educational tablets. The company posted revenue of around NT$94.3 billion in April, up 16.8% from the previous month. Meanwhile Quanta Computer sold 4.6 million laptops in April, up 9.52% from March, to post NT$83.4 billion in revenue. That same month, Pegatron posted its highest monthly revenue so far this year. At NT$103.77 billion, that's an increase of 2.7% from the previous month.

    Ray Yang
    Currently laptop and tablet sales are high. Of course this has turned the low season into a not-so-low season. It's possible this could affect the second half of the year. Maybe the peak season won't be the peak season, because some of the demand was met in the first half. We'll have to see what happens in the second half of the year.

    The pandemic has wreaked havoc on many industries, forcing many of their employees to adjust their way of working. That's delivered a boon for electronics makers, who hope strong earnings will continue into the second half of the year.

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    在家工作需求增 仁寶.廣達4月營收創新高



    [[民視記者 陳妍霖]]


    "當然會想要比較大尺寸(螢幕) ,看起來會比較好,對眼睛也不會太大的傷害"


    [[工研院產業科技所研究總監 楊瑞臨]]


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