Psychiatrist provides tips on how to parent in a pandemic (2021/06/10)
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    Psychiatrist provides tips on how to parent in a pandemic (2021/06/10)

    With school suspended for the rest of the semester, Taiwan's school-aged kids are in for several more weeks of distance learning. Formosa News reporter Stephany Yang speaks to Sophie Liang, a psychiatrist at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, to get some tips on how parents can help their children cope better in a pandemic.

    Due to schools being suspended and classes moving online, children can also be susceptible to anxiety. Dr. Liang says her first piece of advice to parents is to help children feel safe, by addressing their fears and answering their questions.

    Sophie Liang
    Chang Gung Memorial Hospital psychiatrist
    There are several ways to address their emotions. First of all, answer the questions about the pandemic simply and honestly. You can use their age level language to explain what's going on about COVID-19 and why we have to stay home because we have to protect the one we love and also decrease the spread of COVID-19.

    The doctor's second piece of advice to parents is to help kids build healthy routines, made of activities like eating, play time, exercise, social time, and family time. This can help create a sense of order during an uncertain time.

    Sophie Liang
    Chang Gung Memorial Hospital psychiatrist
    For teenagers, you can discuss them to ask them to establish the day for themselves. For younger, just maintain a daily routine including wake up time, bed time, breakfast time, lunchtime and dinner time, your working time, and homework time. But it's important, remember to add relax time, play time, family time, and other free time.

    A third tip is to help children manage their emotions and behavior. One way to do that is redirect bad behavior by finding something else for them to do. Parents can also suggest that children work on creative projects, such as creating PPE. Lastly, reinforce good behaviors.

    Sophie Liang
    Chang Gung Memorial Hospital psychiatrist
    Such as they wash hands spontaneously or they clean the house, they try to help, or they finish their homework. Try to avoid physical punishment because It doesn't lead anywhere, but would just aggravate the kid to have an irritable mood.

    Dr. Liang also has some tips of self-care for parents. She suggests that parents take care of themselves by exercising, eating healthy, and getting adequate sleep. It's also important to find ways to destress and take breaks. If both parents are at home, try to take turns watching the children.

    Sophie Liang
    Chang Gung Memorial Hospital psychiatrist
    During this pandemic, I think 60% is good enough. But if you feel like you had a temper tantrum or said something bad, don't feel so bad. It's also a good time to modeling for the kids how to talk your feelings. If you feel overwhelmed, try to stop, find a place to calm down, and take a deep breath.

    Dr. Liang says that if a loved one is having a difficult time coping, there are ways to get help. She suggests speaking to a trained counselor or seeking resources provided by trusted public authorities.

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    停課家長頭好痛! 精神科醫師教你怎麼顧小孩

    這學期停課到暑假,台灣的兒童又多了好幾週的遠端學習。長時間待在家裡,對兒童和青少年來說可能很困難。怎麼幫助孩子度過難關? 長庚醫院精神科醫師梁歆宜提出幾個建議。


    [[長庚醫院精神科醫師 梁歆宜]]
    "有幾種方法可以幫助他們的情緒。首先,簡單、誠實地回答有關疫情的問題。使用他們語言水平的句子來解釋 COVID-19 的情況,以及我們為什麼必須待在家裡,我們必須保護所愛的人並避免病毒傳播。"


    [[長庚醫院精神科醫師 梁歆宜]]


    [[長庚醫院精神科醫師 梁歆宜]]


    [[長庚醫院精神科醫師 梁歆宜]]

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