Taiwan white rhino Emma arrives in Japan (2021/06/10)
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    Taiwan white rhino Emma arrives in Japan (2021/06/10)

    A white rhinoceros from Taiwan has arrived safely at her new home in Japan. Emma, a female white rhinoceros from Leofoo Village Theme Park, was sent to Japan's Tobu Zoo as part of a conservation breeding program. This was the first time a large endangered animal was shipped out successfully from Taiwan. For zookeepers at her old home in Hsinchu, saying goodbye was anything but easy. Let's hear from them.

    Huang Tzu-huan
    I didn’t know that large animals like her could be trained to be so affectionate and obedient. And now, after training her, we’ve had to send her to abroad. It was very hard to say goodbye.

    Lee Yi-tsun
    After spreading mud all over herself, she covered me in mud too. She was all caked in mud when she came over to rub up against me. I hope that she’ll be safe and healthy there.

    Emma was given a mud bath to calm her nerves a day before her departure. She checked in at Taoyuan's airport in the early morning of Tuesday, for a 16-hour journey to Tobu Zoo, north of Tokyo. With only 18,000 white rhinos left in the world, zookeepers hope she'll help the population recover further.
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    白犀牛艾瑪遠嫁日本 創大型瀕危動物輸出首例


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