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China beefs up its southeast coastal defenses with its most advanced hypersonic missile: HK media (2020/10/18)

As Chinese warplanes continue with incursions into Taiwan's airspace, China is also beefing up its coastal forces in preparation for a possible assault on Taiwan. According to the South China Morning Post, missile bases along China's southeast coast have been upgraded and equipped with the Dong-Feng 17, China's most advanced hypersonic missile. Analysts say Taiwan's existing air defense systems may not be up to snuff to intercept such a weapon.

Incursions from Chinese military jets seem to be nonstop these days. On Saturday, the Ministry of National Defense confirmed that another Y-8 aircraft had entered Taiwan's southwestern airspace. In addition to increasing broadcasts urging the plane to leave, air defense missile systems were also deployed to monitor the activity. It was the 12th time this month for Chinese military jets to fly close to Taiwan and test its readiness.

Erich Shih
Defense analyst
The Chinese military plane was located over Taiwan's waters, which are in the southwest corner of Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone. Such intensive activities are indeed, psychologically speaking, cutting off Taiwan's psychological connection with the Dongsha Islands. In the future, it indeed may possibly be moving in the direction of demarcating an Air Defense Identification Zone over the South China Sea.

However, if you want to rule the South China Sea by demarcating an area and counter support from other countries, you can't just rely on military jets flying into the area every now and then; you need other things.

Hong Kong's South China Morning Post has reported that Chinese missile bases on China's southeast coast have been upgraded and Dong-Feng 17 hypersonic missiles that have a relatively longer range and greater accuracy have been deployed, replacing Dong-Feng 11 and Dong-Feng 15 missiles.

Erich Shih
Defense analyst
For them, they will do everything possible to contain what they believe to be Taiwan independence actions.

On Friday, Robert O'Brien, a national security adviser to U.S President Donald Trump, lambasted China during a talk at a think tank forum.

Robert O'Brien
White House national security adviser
I don't think the Chinese probably at this point want or are likely prepared for an amphibious landing. I mean they've got a massive number of missiles pointed at Taiwan so they would probably annihilate Taiwan in a strike. I don't know what they would gain from that. I think they'd lose everything they wanted to gain after that. They would certainly become pariahs internationally.

Wang Ting-yu
DPP legislator
You can't take over Taiwan by relying on missiles alone. If it really wants to wipe out the nation or occupy it, it needs solid airborne or amphibious landing combat strength. China's deployment of missiles along the southeast coast on one hand reveals its striking range over and around Taiwan. On the other hand, this sword is not only pointed at Taiwan, but it's also pointed at countries such as the U.S. and Japan.

Legislators from the Legislative Yuan's National Defense Committee warned that China may be making advance deployments to prevent foreign intervention in a possible war. With China becoming more threatening, Taiwan can't afford not to be on the alert.
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劍指台灣? 南華早報:中部署東風-17導彈在東南沿岸



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