Cold front sweeps Taiwan, sending temperatures plummeting (2019/12/03)
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    Cold front sweeps Taiwan, sending temperatures plummeting (2019/12/03)

    The first cold front of the winter has sent temperatures plunging across Taiwan. Mountainous areas like Yilan’s Taipingshan saw temperatures dip to negative 0.9 degrees. Some mountainous areas like Taichung’s Fushoushan saw frost in the early morning, but there are still no reports of snow. The Central Weather Bureau says northeasterly winds will sweep in moisture later this week, bringing a chance of snowfall at high peaks.

    The first cold front of the winter season has sent temperatures plummeting across Taiwan. Taichung’s Fushoushan was covered in a thick layer of frost early Tuesday morning. Yilan’s Taipingshan recorded zero degrees, attracting tourists hoping to see some snow.

    It seems that there is not enough moisture. We didn’t see any snow today. I hope that the next time we come, we’ll be able to see a snowy landscape.

    Wu Wan-hua
    CWB forecaster
    From Wednesday to Friday, the north and northeast will see longer showers with a chance of isolated heavy or torrential rains. We predict that as the water vapor increases, mountainous areas 3,000 meters above sea level could have some snow around Friday.

    The worst of the cold front is already past. Northeasterly winds are now on track to hit Taiwan over the weekend, bringing temperatures in Central Taiwan down as low as 12 degrees.

    Wu Wan-hua
    CWB forecaster
    Starting Saturday, northeasterly winds will impact us once again, but the atmosphere will be drier. So as far as weather patterns go, windward areas in the north and the east may get some intermittent showers.

    Lu Kuo-chen
    CWB forecaster
    Weather in this coming week could still be affected by the cold front. In two, three, and four weeks from now, Taiwan will see normal and milder weather. We expect temperatures to remain normal and warmer.

    Forecasters predict a break from the cold up ahead, but see cold spells arriving with the Lunar New Year. The CWB advises the public to wrap up warm in face of big temperature swings between day and night.

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    急凍! 平地10.3度入冬新低 台中福壽山結霜




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