One new domestic case and 11 imports for Sunday (2021/09/19)
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    One new domestic case and 11 imports for Sunday (2021/09/19)

    Sunday's COVID numbers stand at one local case and 11 imported cases, 5 of which had already been vaccinated but still ended up as breakthrough infections. The one domestic case is a woman in her 60s who is the mother of case 16227. She tested negative on Sept. 10 while in the hospital, but her daughter visited her and tested positive. On the 17th health authorities retested her and the result came back positive.

    Chen Shih-chung
    Health minister
    While in the hospital her test result was negative. But case 16227 (the daughter) visited her and tested positive; so later when the mother was retested she too was positive.

    Chang Hui-mei
    Chief, Taipei Department of Disease Management
    For the mother and daughter, both of their Ct values are pretty high, indicating a low virus load. Both of these cases already had identified hospital contacts; a total of 16 which were all negative.

    Additionally, in the New Taipei pre-school cluster, nearly 3,600 people were identified for testing, 75 of whom are in the process of being tested and three people are waiting to be tested. The CECC will continue to monitor the situation until Sept. 22.
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    週日新增1例本土確診 但境外移入增11例

    國內武肺疫情,新增11例境外移入,其中有5人完整接種過,但還是發生突破性感染。另外還有1例本土個案,這名 60多歲女性,是案16227的母親,10號住院時原本採檢陰性,但女兒因為陪病關係採檢確診,17號衛生單位再做例行檢驗,結果變成陽性。

    [[疫情指揮中心指揮官 陳時中]]

    [[台北市衛生局疾管科長 張惠美]]

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