Offshore wind farm developer to monitor farm’s impact on migratory birds (2020/06/05)
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    Offshore wind farm developer to monitor farm’s impact on migratory birds (2020/06/05)

    A wind farm off the coast of Yunlin is set to become the biggest in the Asia Pacific region when it's complete in 2021. But ecologists are concerned that the impact of the farm on migratory birds is still unknown. They say birds could have their flight paths disturbed, or might even be killed by the turbines. The farm's developer, a German renewable energy firm, has now commissioned a study to try to determine the impact of the project on birds. Through artificial intelligence and infrared imaging, experts hope they can ascertain how the birds react to the farm.

    A flock of black birds stretches and twists over the sea. It’s a mesmerizing sight to behold. Migratory birds fly in and out of Taiwan with the seasons, but some wonder whether their paths could be disturbed by Taiwan’s wind farms. The German developer of Yunlin’s offshore wind farm has commissioned a survey from Taiwanese analysts WeatherRisk Explore and the Japan Weather Association.

    Tseng Wen-sheng
    Economics vice minister
    In the past, besides working on weather monitoring and forecasting, we also used our technology to monitor the paths of migratory birds. For example, we used AI to do image recognition, and made assessments with infrared thermal imaging taken at night.

    Located in the sea off Yunlin, the NT$94 billion wind farm project is expected to be up and running in 2021. But environmentalists worry the farm could disturb bird migrations or even injure the birds themselves.

    Peng Chi-ming
    WeatherRisk Explore
    Taiwan has never really had any exhaustive data on bird migration. It’s all just broad descriptions. But now, we can grasp it all in real time. We can even tell clearly whether a bird has crashed into a wind turbine. Basically this is the first ecological project conducted on the largest wind farm in the Asia Pacific region. We hope it’ll be successful. Many Taiwanese experts in artificial intelligence, ornithology and meteorology will all come together to contribute.

    The developer has set aside a budget of NT$70 million for the survey over three years. They hope the renewable energy project will have as little impact on the environment as possible.
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    離岸風機與鳥遷徙影響 開發商跨國調查監測



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