Egg yolk pastries herald the Mid-Autumn Festival’s return (2020/09/16)
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    Egg yolk pastries herald the Mid-Autumn Festival’s return (2020/09/16)

    Mid-Autumn Festival is right around the corner, and that means egg yolk pastries are once more in high demand. One bakery in Taipei is hard at work on the seasonal treat. Their recipe uses clarified butter from Denmark to get the perfect flaky pastry crust. But inside, the pairing of egg yolk with adzuki bean paste, set off by Kaoliang liquor, is a super traditional Taiwanese favorite.

    A perfect sphere, a tempting golden case. The flaky pastry is heavenly to bite through, and inside there’s sweet bean paste and a salted egg yolk, a killer combination.

    Kumamoto low-gluten flour is mixed with clarified butter for that melt-in-the-mouth texture and buttery taste.

    Chen Hui-hsun
    Food producer
    Clarified butter gives the egg yolk pastry, or really any pastry product, a very flaky texture. In the production process, the water content of the butter is boiled away.

    The dough is carefully pressed out and the floppy pastry formed into balls, one by one, all by hand.

    Then they’re rolled out to give them that many-layered flaky texture, and bean paste and eggs go inside. Many chefs are hard at work. Even the eggs are carefully selected.

    Chen Hui-hsun
    Food producer
    My favorite time is the 22nd to 30th days of each month, because the eggs are saltier and more flavorsome by the end of the month. They get two dousings of Kaoliang liquor, mainly to deepen their flavor.

    Finally the pastries are brushed with two layers of egg yolk for that golden color, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and popped into the oven. An irresistible aroma wafts out, and thousands of pastries fly off the shelves every day.
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