Seven local leaders sign petition demanding cut to coal-fired power generation (2019/12/03)
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    Seven local leaders sign petition demanding cut to coal-fired power generation (2019/12/03)

    Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen invited the heads of neighboring cities and counties to a news conference demanding action on clean air. The seven leaders signed a petition saying the central government should respect local regulations on coal-fired power generation. They also urged the central government to “face up” to the problem of air pollution and to accelerate the development of green energy.

    The heads of seven cities and counties met in Taichung to sign a petition asking the central government to cut coal use at Taichung Power Plant.

    Changhua Mayor Wang Hui-mei said her county generated ample solar and wind power. She said there was no need for the Taichung plant’s current power output.

    Wang Hui-mei
    Changhua mayor
    There’s already been such growth in our green energy development. Is it really necessary to run all 10 coal-fired units?

    Taichung Mayor Lu said the Taichung plant already had 10 coal-fired generation units and yet Taipower had decided to add two more units powered by gas. She said Taipower was not considering the health of the people of Central Taiwan.

    Lu Shiow-yen
    Taichung mayor
    The central government ignored the opposition of the residents and rammed through the environmental impact assessments for two more units at the plant. None of the preexisting generators are to be dismantled.

    According to Taichung’s newest coal control regulations, coal use at the Taichung plant is limited to 11.04 metric tons between January 2019 and 2020. This month, the Environmental Protection Administration asked for a 10% increase to the cap. Mayor Lu turned down the request.

    Lu Shiow-yen
    Taichung mayor
    Put it another way. They want Taichung Power Plant to burn at least 1 million more metric tons of coal.

    Coal use since January 2019 has already exceeded the city’s limit. Lu’s administration has written a fine of NT$3 million and demanded improvement within 10 days, followed by the cancellation of operating permits if necessary.

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    七縣市首長簽署抗空污 要求中火減煤




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