Short reprieve of mild weather ahead before cold front (2021/01/13)
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    Short reprieve of mild weather ahead before cold front (2021/01/13)

    A cold spell sent temperatures sinking to a seasonal low early Wednesday morning. It was a record 1.5 degrees at two weather stations in Miaoli County, the lowest at those locations since the start of winter. But across Taiwan, temperatures began climbing during the day to highs of 20 degrees. Forecasters say the mild weather will last until Friday, before northeasterly winds usher in yet another cold weekend to Northern Taiwan.

    The sun shines down, warming Yilan's Taipingshan back to 3 degrees. With the snow starting to melt, some tourists grabbed this last chance to enjoy the wintry landscape.

    It's a pity that it's melting. But down there along the Jianqing 見晴 Historic Trail, there is still quite a lot of snow. Over here there's not that much snow accumulation.

    Temperatures warmed up on Wednesday, but only after a chilly morning. The coldest place in the plains was Miaoli County, where two weather stations posted 1.5 degrees, a record low for the season. At the 10 coldest weather stations in the plains, all temperatures stood below 3 degrees.

    Chu Mei-lin
    CWB forecaster
    Twelve out of 13 stations on Taiwan proper registered new lows for this winter season. Due to the effects of the cold snap and of radiative cooling, temperatures will be on the lower side today.

    Clear blue skies are expected for Thursday and Friday, with highs reaching 25 degrees islandwide. Evenings will be cooler, ranging from 11 to 14 degrees, so watch out for big temperature swings between day and night. Northeasterly winds are expected to sweep in from Saturday, delivering rain to windward areas and lower temps. Sunday is expected to be cold and wet in Northern Taiwan, with lows of 10 degrees.

    Chu Mei-lin
    CWB forecaster
    The weather will be wetter in windward areas mainly on Saturday and Sunday. As this strong continental cold air front moves south, it will deliver its strongest effects Saturday to Monday.

    Three days of sunshine are ahead, to be followed by another cold spell on the weekend.
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    苗栗清晨爆冷1.5度 今起放晴回暖3天溫差大





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