Tainan’s affordable family restaurants are in demand as inflation rises (2022/06/23)
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    Tainan’s affordable family restaurants are in demand as inflation rises (2022/06/23)

    As inflation rises, everyone is on the lookout for a good deal. And nowhere is more popular than a good restaurant where you can eat well without breaking the bank. We head now to Tainan to check out two such local gems. One is famous for its generous duck lunchboxes. The other is making hay from a secret menu item that got too popular to keep under wraps.

    A whole squid goes in the bowl. Beside it, a row of luscious scallops. Altogether they completely cover the bed of pasta.

    Meanwhile this meal is strong on clams and oysters. The luxurious seafood noodle dish attracts customers from far and wide.

    Seafood restaurant owner
    I used to go to Xingda Harbor and when I saw seafood stuff I would buy it and bring it back to put in the noodles. It was just a bit of fun. Then gradually the customers found out about it, and eventually I had no choice but to put it on the menu.

    The seafood bowls were initially an off-menu item, only made in tiny quantities. But thanks to word of mouth, it became a firm favorite. If seafood is not your thing, there’s char siu noodles with generous cuts of barbecued pork.

    Who says minced pork is the only topping for egg noodles? These bowls are brimming with flavor and creativity. Another affordable gem in Tainan is this family-run duck restaurant.

    Duck legs are carefully sliced and cover the rice, creating a very filling lunchbox. This queue of customers hasn’t gathered for nothing.

    The boss tries to control sales, but there’s nothing for it – they always sell out before noon. As inflation rises, good-value family eateries like this one are a godsend.
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    超浮誇"痛風"意麵! 澎派海鮮鋪滿麵碗








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