Hong Kong students protest outside city’s representative office in Taipei (2019/06/12)
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    Hong Kong students protest outside city’s representative office in Taipei (2019/06/12)

    As protests rocked Hong Kong, here in Taiwan, students from Hong Kong also took to the streets. More than a hundred protesters staged a sit-down demonstration outside Hong Kong's representative office in Taipei. Hong Kong students called for their lawmakers to reject the extradition bill, which they fear would allow Beijing to tighten its grip on their city.

    More than a hundred Hong Kong students in Taiwan refused to attend class today, to protest an extradition bill that was being reviewed by Hong Kong lawmakers. Twenty-two Taiwanese NGOs turned out to support them.

    Hong Kong student in Taiwan
    We absolutely won’t tolerate traitors to Hong Kong. We, the people of Hong Kong, absolutely will not allow the Communist government to trample on our basic freedoms and dignity.

    Lin Fei-fan
    Sunflower Movement leader
    Today's Hong Kong is in fact today’s Taiwan. That’s because we both face China’s expanding authoritarian power. I have to say, Hong Kong’s government has already begun plotting to create a state of quasi-martial law and to limit the personal freedoms of Hong Kong’s people.

    Civic group representatives blasted Hong Kong’s leadership. They warned that Hong Kong was a warning to Taiwan ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

    Lin Fei-fan
    Sunflower Movement leader
    There’s Mayor Han who says he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know what’s happening right now in Hong Kong. There’s Mayor Ko Wen-je, who says there is no need to exchange insults with China. Taiwan supporting the people of Hong Kong – is that “exchanging insults” with China?

    Yibee Huang
    Covenants Watch CEO
    I want to say this to all our presidential candidates: Please remember that the post you’re running for is the president of the Taiwanese people, not a chief executive under China.

    In support of the protesters overseas, Hong Kong students and Taiwanese NGO representatives stood together in Taipei to speak out against Chinese authoritarianism.
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