Chunghwa Post trialing postal delivery by drone (2021/10/13)
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    Chunghwa Post trialing postal delivery by drone (2021/10/13)

    Chunghwa Post is carrying out trials on postal deliveries via drone. A recent trial sending a parcel from Pingtung to Liuqiu Island was hailed a success. But could drone post really be the future? Overseas companies such as Amazon, Google and DHL have all started delivering items via drone. Let’s see if it’s feasible in Taiwan.

    A drone is loaded with a Chunghwa Post package box. It zooms into the sky at Donggang Township, Pingtung, flying 13.3 kilometers in a straight line across the sea. In just a few minutes, it’s reached its destination.

    The recipients unpack well-wishes from across the waters, before happily sending back a thank you package.

    The transport ministry has its eye on drone post. Chunghwa Post is working with a private company to trial a drone delivery service for outlying islands. But another drone company is one step ahead: they’ve successfully trialed a mountain medical supplies delivery by drone.

    Inside this mini refrigerator is blood serum. A drone catches the wind and carries it 2,000 meters above sea level to the top of Alishan.

    The Taiwan-made drone is powered by a battery plus hydrogen. It can fly half an hour with a load of up to 15 kilograms.

    Huang Yen-ju
    Drone industry
    It can be used in emergencies, to overcome the challenges of the terrain. It can withstand near gale force winds or even higher.

    Wang Kwo-tsai
    Transport minister
    We’ve already had some initial successes, and I’ve asked them to continue the next stage with more practical tests, such as improving the overall functionality of the drone, the weight-bearing capacity, and the location.

    Officials are confident that drones will be part of the post network of the future. Perhaps good news will really be descending from the sky to your postbox one day soon.

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