Allegations turn ugly against Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (2019/08/13)
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    Allegations turn ugly against Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (2019/08/13)

    Ugly allegations are piling up against KMT presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu. On social media, a former Kaohsiung commissioner accused the mayor of engaging in "adultery, alcoholism, and clubbing." Celia: Han also stands accused of illicit election financing and reneging on a promise to donate his leftover campaign funds. The mayor staunchly denies the claims.

    Chen Hung-chang (Aug. 11)
    KMT Central Review Committee
    How can they nominate someone who plays mahjong all day, eating and drinking and making merry with women? How can he be president?

    After Chen Hung-chang slammed his own party’s presidential candidate, the KMT’s New Taipei office revoked his membership.

    Yao Chiang-ling (Aug. 12)
    KMT Central Standing Committee
    He slandered our nominee and launched a malicious attack. Under such circumstances, with such a Judas, with a person whose heart is not with the KMT, expulsion from the party is only reasonable.

    But although Chen is out of the party, he’s only the tip of the iceberg of internal discontent.

    Former Kaohsiung chief Yang Chiu-hsing, who had long parted ways with the sitting mayor, took to Facebook to weigh in on the controversy. He wrote Mayor Han’s “dining, wining, whoring, and gambling” were all in the past. However, the mayor’s “adultery, alcoholism, and clubbing” were ongoing issues, according to the post.

    Han Kuo-yu
    Kaohsiung mayor
    That is patently untrue. In my year and a half in Kaohsiung, I have not set foot in such a place. I don’t even know what the inside of a club looks like. I have absolutely no idea. My life is very simple. I do not understand why Commissioner Yang Chiu-hsing would make this type of false accusation against me.

    In addition, Yang alleged that the DPP had dirt on Han’s financial records. Yang said the mayor never delivered on a promise to donate his surplus campaign funds.

    Han Kuo-yu
    Kaohsiung mayor
    We have made many donations, but we don’t clang the cymbals and announce it. We also do not want to wave around the receipts. That’s meaningless. Hereby I want to inform Commissioner Yang: We’ve never stopped making the donations we’re supposed to be making.

    Han’s campaign office stated it would not react in a knee-jerk manner to each and every accusation that emerges. The office stated that a team of attorneys would be assigned to handle the case and pursue legal remedies where applicable.

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    楊秋興爆韓 小三.酗酒.夜店皆現在進行式


    [[國民黨中評委 陳宏昌8.11]]


    [[國民黨中常委 姚江臨8.12]]



    [[高雄市長 韓國瑜]]
    “絕對沒有這件事,來高雄一年半,我根本都沒去過... ,不知道夜店長什麼樣子,完全不知道,我的生活非常單純,我也不曉得楊秋興縣長,為什麼要提出這樣的不實指控”


    [[高雄市長 韓國瑜]]

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