Eric Chu assumes post as KMT chairman (2021/10/05)
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    Eric Chu assumes post as KMT chairman (2021/10/05)

    Eric Chu has taken the helm of Taiwan’s main opposition party. The KMT stalwart was elected last month with 46% of the vote. He was sworn in on Tuesday at the party’s Taipei headquarters. Present at the ceremony were four past KMT chairpersons, including former President Ma Ying-jeou and former presidential candidate Hung Hsiu-chu.

    Eric Chu
    KMT chairman
    All the beliefs held by the people of this party – whether they’re dark blue, light blue, or moderate – all of our many ideas embody our freedom of expression. They are things we can discuss together as a party.

    One of the new chairman’s first appointments has raised controversy within the party. For KMT secretary-general, he picked former Taitung Commissioner Justin Huang, who was nominated for a Control Yuan position last year by the Tsai administration. On Tuesday, the new chair defended his choice, saying that the ruling party had recognized Huang’s talent.
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    "弱勢黨魁"上任 朱立倫新人事掀黨內雜音?


    [[國民黨主席 朱立倫]]

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