Harvard’s Chinese language summer program relocates from Beijing to Taipei (2021/10/13)
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    Harvard’s Chinese language summer program relocates from Beijing to Taipei (2021/10/13)

    Harvard University's summer Chinese language program in Beijing is relocating to Taipei, amid "perceived unfriendliness" from China. Starting next year, about 60 Harvard University students will be coming to National Taiwan University for eight weeks of Chinese-language classes. And NTU and Harvard aren't the only ones. The Ministry of Education says that 10 other universities in Taiwan have similar partnerships for Chinese language instruction with 21 universities in the U.S.

    Students from Harvard University take a stroll on the ancient city streets. Every year, the university sends a group of students to China for an immersive Chinese-language course. But starting next year, the Harvard Beijing Academy will be no more, as the institution is moving to Taiwan. The program will be held in cooperation with National Taiwan University and renamed Harvard Taipei Academy. About 60 students will come to Taipei for eight weeks of language courses at NTU. International students in Taiwan say learning Chinese on this side of the strait is a good choice.

    International student
    In Taiwan you can learn traditional characters. We learn about Confucius and Mencius.

    International student
    Taiwanese people are very helpful. And there are a lot of places to travel to. The food is also great. That's why I wanted to come to Taiwan.

    Harvard's summer program is relocating. According to a U.S. media outlet, the director of the program has stated the move was motivated by a "perceived lack of friendliness" from the host university in Beijing. For instance, the students in the summer program were not allowed to hold a party or sing their national anthem to celebrate U.S. Independence Day on July 4.

    Wu Szu-yao
    DPP lawmaker
    Countries in Europe and America are shutting down their Confucius institutes. They can no longer accept China's dissemination of CCP ideology under the cover of Chinese language teaching. They don't want this kind of education. So Taiwan should seize this opportunity and make space for itself in the arena of international education.

    Since 2004, Harvard Beijing Academy has been operating in China for a total of 17 years. Now, it's closing down amid changes in U.S.-China relations, presenting Taiwan a chance to fill in the gap for Chinese-language teaching.

    Pan Wen-chung
    Education minister
    Already there are 10 universities all over Taiwan, including NTU, National Taiwan Normal University and National Chengchi University, which have Chinese-education cooperation programs with 21 universities in the U.S., including Harvard University.

    Taiwan's Chinese language programs attract more than 10,000 international students each year. Now that an additional program with Harvard University is about to start, it's only adding to Taiwan's attraction as a destination for Chinese language learning.

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    哈佛將設台北書院 60學員明年暑假來台學中文

    美國哈佛大學知名的暑期中文進修計劃「哈佛北京書院」,因為中國北京語言大學越來越不友善,明年暑假, 將有60名學員到台大修讀為期8週的中文課程,並且改名成「哈佛台北書院」教育部長潘文忠今天更宣布,台灣共有包含台大在內的10所大學,與美國哈佛在內的21所大學,簽訂華語合作計畫。





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