China alone responsible for cross-strait impasse: MAC minister (2019/08/30)
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    China alone responsible for cross-strait impasse: MAC minister (2019/08/30)

    Mainland Affairs Council Minister Chen Ming-tong gave a speech today at the opening ceremony of the Taiwan Strait International Symposium. The minister said that Beijing alone was responsible for the current stalemate in cross-strait relations. Chen condemned China for destabilising peace in the Taiwan Strait. When pressed about the disappearance of a Taiwanese official who crossed into Shenzhen from Hong Kong, the minister gave no comment.

    Addressing dozens of scholars, the MAC minister condemned China’s actions.

    Chen Ming-tong
    Mainland Affairs Council minister
    The CCP has continued to wield the three magic weapons. Taiwan is on the front line of the CCP's deployment of three magic weapons. The CCP's provocations not only threaten peace in the Taiwan Strait … the current impasse between the two sides. Beijing alone bears the responsibility for this. Taiwan has never been a part of the PRC. The 23 million people of Taiwan will never accept Beijing's "one country, two systems.”

    Onstage, the minister didn’t mince words. But he took a cautious turn later, when asked about search efforts for a Taiwanese missing in China. Morrison Lee, an adviser to a Pingtung township, had disappeared after crossing into Shenzhen from Hong Kong. The minister declined to comment on the issue.

    Alexander Huang
    International affairs scholar
    We are really concerned about the people of Hong Kong. We also hope that Taiwanese can stay safe while supporting our Hong Kong friends.

    Drew Thompson
    National University of Singapore
    I think there are clear implications for Taiwan, for Hong Kong. The Hong Kong and Taiwan Office is now directly under the United Front.

    As Hong Kong’s protests continue, Taiwanese activists are coming under threat of “being disappeared.”

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    砲轟中國挑釁 陳明通:兩岸僵局 責任在北京!



    [[陸委會主委 陳明通]]
    “中共仍舊操作革命三大法寶 (統戰、武裝鬥爭、黨建),台灣是中共部署三大法寶最前沿,中共挑釁行為,衝擊台海和平。如今兩岸僵局,責任在北京,台灣從不是中華人民共和國一部分,2300萬台灣人,永遠不會接受北京的一國兩制”


    [[國際事務學者 黃介正]]

    [[新加坡大學客座教授 唐安竹]]

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