CECC reports 57 imported cases as air traffic peaks (2022/01/14)
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    CECC reports 57 imported cases as air traffic peaks (2022/01/14)

    In addition to the 11 local cases, there were 57 imported cases reported on Friday as holiday air traffic reached its peak. Four thousand two hundred passengers entered the nation. That's the most expected in a single day ahead of Spring Festival. Taoyuan international airport deployed extra staff to speed up COVID testing for the arrivals. According to airport data, about 7.6% of long-haul passengers have tested positive for COVID since Tuesday.

    They’ve got passports, entry papers, and bags, big and small. Inbound passengers sit in the lounge wearing face masks, gloves, goggles, and protective clothing to prevent infection. They wait for their number to be called, to be notified of their test results.

    Between Tuesday and Friday morning, 1,837 incoming passengers on long-haul flights were tested for COVID. One hundred and thirty-nine of those tests came back positive, for a rate of 7.6%. On Friday, air traffic peaked at 4,200 passengers on both long and short-haul flights. At least 3,900 more arrivals are expected on Saturday.

    The airport has added testing staff to speed up passenger processing. But with so many arrivals having to wait for their test results, there are fears that the airport could become a site of transmission. The CECC moved to allay the concerns.

    Victor Wang
    CECC official in Taoyuan
    Actually, because the airport is very large and a lot of space is left for passenger flow, even when arrivals from different flights are together, crowding is not a major concern.

    To lower infection risk, a volunteer group of nurses conducted a thorough review of the immigration process.

    Victor Wang
    CECC official in Taoyuan
    When it comes to the airport’s internal management, we will continue to work with the team of nurses. They will continue to conduct airport inspections and provide recommendations.

    To curb its COVID cluster, the airport conducted a third round of testing on its entire workforce. This time, all 1,198 staff tested negative. The airport also ran PCR tests on more than 6,000 office staff, as part of efforts to guard Taiwan’s borders.
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    長程航班落地篩檢 139人確診.陽性率近7.6%





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    [[桃機前進指揮所指揮官 王必勝]]

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