Wang Jin-pyng backs Han, New Power Party councilors urge Kaohsiung to vote (2020/06/03)
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    Wang Jin-pyng backs Han, New Power Party councilors urge Kaohsiung to vote (2020/06/03)

    Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu's recall election is set to unfold this Saturday. KMT top brass Eric Chu and Wang Jin-pyng have both come forward this week with public statements of support for the embattled mayor. Wecare Kaohsiung, the civic group that is leading the charge against Han, has warned the KMT not to stand in the way of democracy. The group is continuing on with its week of street demonstrations ~ to encourage Kaohsiung residents to come out and vote.

    From Cijin District, the Wecare motorcade set off on Day 3 of Golden Week. They called on the people of Kaohsiung to use their ballot in Saturday’s election.

    Aaron Yin
    Wecare Kaohsiung founder
    We’d like to ask the KMT to stop trying to suppress the turnout. Stop standing in the way of democracy. Whether they’re voting for a new leader or voting to remove an old one, the ballot is the right of the people. You should not attempt to use these various methods to obstruct their right to vote. That’s very, very wrong.

    A former borough warden, Chuang Shun-kui, has demonstrated for three days in a row to mobilize voters for the recall vote.

    Chuang Shun-kui
    Former borough warden
    Kaohsiung’s people are the executives of the city. When a mayor performs poorly, the executives have the right to remove him.

    The New Power Party released a video featuring two city councilors who urged Kaohsiung’s people to vote.

    Chen Hui-min
    NPP Kaohsiung City councilor
    People like to mention how a New Power Party lawmaker had also been challenged with a recall vote in the past. But at that time, we asked this lawmaker to step forward and face the music.

    Over at the KMT camp, former Speaker Wang made it clear where his sympathies lay.

    Wang Jin-pyng
    Former legislative speaker
    As a member of the KMT and as one of his original supporters, I hope that Mayor Han can serve well and carry out his term to completion, to be even more of service to the people of Kaohsiung.

    Wang said he would not be voting on June 6 due to other commitments.

    A reporter asked Wang if he had rallied his local grassroots base to support the mayor by not voting. Wang denied the allegation.
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    王金平表態挺韓 時力.Wecare籲6/6上街投票



    [[Wecare高雄發起人 尹立]]


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    [[時力高雄市黨部主委 陳惠敏]]


    [[前立法院長 王金平]]


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