TRA gives internships to high-schoolers from St. Joseph Technical High School (2021/10/05)
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    TRA gives internships to high-schoolers from St. Joseph Technical High School (2021/10/05)

    Following the electrification of the South Link Line, the Taiwan Railways Administration is looking to expand its services on the East Coast. Now it’s working with a high school in Taitung, to give internships to teenagers. The project aims to give students the skills and experience they need for a successful career in the world of rail travel.

    The future is a vast country for students at St. Joseph Technical High School. Its new partnership with the TRA gives them a golden ticket to valuable internships.

    Huang Shu-ying
    St. Joseph Technical High School principal
    Normally what you study at school is only the academic side. But if you get the chance to actually go to the place, and get to know the profession – then you’re putting your knowledge into practice. Then after the internship, you come back to school, you know where you’ve got more to learn and you can keep strengthening your skills.

    Feng Hui-sheng
    Taiwan Railways Administration
    In the last few years, St. Joseph Technical High School has carried out a vocational education system, and won a number of international prizes. Its technology has won recognition too. This is really what the Taiwan Railways Administration needs.

    At this ceremony to mark the deal, the school’s principal presented a “St. Joseph chair” to the vice-head of the TRA. The chair is a required project for woodworking students at the school.

    The conversion of the South Link Line railway to electric has now been completed, and the TRA continues to develop its services on the East Coast. Industrial transportation demand is expected to increase in the coming years. That’s why the TRA began to work with schools this year, to cultivate the next generation of talent. They plan to offer 27 internships across departments like construction, machine maintenance and electrics.

    Feng Hui-sheng
    Taiwan Railways Administration
    It’s a two-way collaboration. More than ever, we need students like this who can join the TRA when they graduate.

    The project is expected to give students a great launchpad into the world of work, as well as helping to reinvigorate transport across the East of Taiwan.
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    留下東部人才! 台鐵.公東高工簽實習合作








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