Museum207 unveils 'Year of the Tiger' exhibition (2022/01/14)
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    Museum207 unveils 'Year of the Tiger' exhibition (2022/01/14)

    With Lunar New Year right around the corner, Museum 207 has launched an exhibition introducing the history of tigers. The Year of the Tiger Exhibition features historical objects related to the big cat, including a rare children's tiger hat made by a maid at the end of the 19th century. Our very own Stephany Yang takes us in for a look.

    Taiwanese paper-cut artist Lee Sheng-hsin explains how to cut a paper tiger. Tiger symbolizes power and fearlessness. It represents good luck, and its image can be seen across the country ahead of the Lunar New Year.

    Lee Sheng-hsin
    Taiwanese paper-cut artist
    The word “tiger” has a homonym that is the word for “blessing.” So for the Year of the Tiger, people are writing the word “blessing” or cutting out the word for tiger to decorate their home.

    She also demonstrates how to cut the Chinese character for “spring.”

    Lee Sheng-hsin
    Taiwanese paper-cut artist
    If you are cutting a three-dimensional “spring” character, you must first fold the origami paper very flat. Next, because about 80% of the paper is folded in half, you must be a little careful when cutting it. Then the next thing to pay attention to is making the horizontal and straight cuts very complete. Then, remember that when cutting, make sure there is a break point, otherwise it will be separated. Next, unfold the three-dimensional character. It can be placed on the seat or hung up with a string.

    Dihua Street’s Museum207 has launched a special exhibition to introduce the history and culture of tigers. The exhibition features historical objects related to tigers, including a children's tiger hat made by a maid at the end of the 19th century. There’s also a ceramic tiger created by potter Lee Ching-piao, and tiger paper-cut works by the late paper-cut master Lee Huan-chang, and many other objects.

    Anchi Hua
    Museum head
    In the early days, tigers could still be hunted. Our exhibition showcases tiger bone wine. This tiger bone wine is an early medicinal wine. As for the tiger clothing and tiger hat, they are delicate pieces of traditional embroidery art made in the 19th century.

    The Year of the Tiger Exhibition opened on Jan. 12 and will run at Museum 207 till May 8. Throughout the exhibition, there will also be lectures about tiger glove puppets and interesting facts about tigers.
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    迪化二0七博物館 推出「虎年虎事」特展



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    [[台灣剪紙藝術家 李聖心]]


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