91-year-old becomes Yilan’s oldest college graduate (2020/06/03)
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    91-year-old becomes Yilan’s oldest college graduate (2020/06/03)

    National Ilan University celebrated the most senior graduate in its history on Wednesday. Chang Yen-tsao has just completed his bachelor's degree at the age of 91, and received a prize for not having missed a single day of lectures. As a child, his studies ended at the sixth grade, after which he began a life of farming and supporting a large family. In retirement, he decided to go back to school, becoming a living proof that it's never too late to learn something new.

    Wearing his academic gown, Chang receives his graduation certificate. At 91, he’s by far the oldest graduate the university has ever seen.

    And as he received a class award for diligence and sociability, he couldn’t hold back his tears. After graduating from the university’s affiliated vocational college at the age of 84, he took university entrance exams three times before winning a place. Since then, he didn’t miss a day of classes over four years.

    Chang Yen-tsao
    National Ilan University graduate
    I just rode my scooter to the school parking lot and walked to the classroom. There in no time. I never took a day off. I came every day. I went to Dongshan Elementary, then I quit school. I started working on the farm.

    Chang raised six children during his working life, before retiring from farming and deciding to go back to school. He doesn’t know how to use computers, so he completed all his homework and reports by hand. His supervisor had nothing but praise for his dedication to learning.

    Lin Hsueh-i
    Academic supervisor
    I’m happy to see him graduate. But I’m worried for him too. Even when it’s raining really heavily, he still comes in on his scooter. He’s got a great sense of balance.

    Ms. Chang
    National Ilan University graduate
    He’s never fazed by bad weather. In Yilan, it rains more than 200 days a year. If it’s raining hard, lots of students feel too lazy to come in. But he has tremendous strength of will.

    Chang Yen-tsao
    National Ilan University graduate
    Young people have to work hard. The world is a global village now. If they don’t get higher education they won’t be able to keep up with everyone. They must work hard.

    Chang’s advice for younger generations is not to throw away the chance to study. His story shows that lifelong learning is possible for everyone.

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    [[宜蘭大學畢業生 張焰灶]]
    “年輕人要打拼,世界現在是地球村耶,沒讀高一點(學歷) ,會跟不上大家,要多努力”

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