Taiwan premiere for award-winning documentary ‘Searching for Taromak’ (2021/12/03)
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    Taiwan premiere for award-winning documentary ‘Searching for Taromak’ (2021/12/03)

    An award-winning documentary about Indigenous life in Taitung has finally made its Taiwan premiere, after winning accolades in Europe and America. "Searching for Taromak: Land of Warriors" closed the Taiwan Film Festival Berlin earlier this year, and won Best Documentary Feature at the New York Film Awards. Now tribal leaders and educators are planning to bring the film into local schools, to help youngsters connect with their roots.

    Ten Indigenous youth perform a traditional dance in Rukai tribal dress. This is the opening ceremony for the Taiwan premiere of "Searching for Taromak: Land of Warriors."

    Wu Chang-yu
    Taitung Forest District Office
    We're bringing this honor home to Taitung. Because of this film, we won the Best Documentary Feature at New York Film Awards this year.

    "Searching for Taromak" brings audiences into the heart of Taromak Village, revealing the life of the local tribe. It shows how Indigenous peoples work with the Forestry Bureau to manage the land. The film also depicts the efforts of new chief Danaro Lavalius as he struggles to pass tribal culture on to the next generation.

    Danaro Lavalius
    Taromak village chief
    I think it's important to start teaching kids when they're young. I hope through this film we can tell many students, "Don't forget your culture, your most essential culture. The more you understand yourself, the more clearly you'll see which direction your path is leading."

    The premiere in Taitung attracted an audience of over 300. In July, the film won Best Documentary at the New York Film Awards, as well as being chosen to close the Taiwan Film Festival Berlin.

    Wu Chang-yu
    Taitung Forest District Office
    In the village, they expected this film would record some of their life in the tribe as well as the process of handing down their culture from generation to generation. This is a very important record for them.

    Chief Lavalius signed an MOU with Forestry Bureau officials and educators, pledging their plans to bring the film into schools, and inspire more young people with the heritage of Indigenous Taiwan.
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    "尋找達魯瑪克" 紀錄片深入部落生活探討部落文化傳承難題



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