Cotton fibers 76% biodegradable in water after 250 days: study (2019/05/16)
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    Cotton fibers 76% biodegradable in water after 250 days: study (2019/05/16)

    Many Taiwanese textile companies opt for U.S. cotton to produce high-quality clothing. Research shows that U.S. cotton is not only a leader in comfort, but also environmental sustainability. A study has found that cotton has superior biodegradability compared to other fibers, degrading by 76% when immersed in wastewater.

    When buying clothing, Taiwanese consumers value comfort, although environmental friendliness and sustainability are also gaining traction among shoppers. A study shows that cotton is the most common material used in the textile industry.

    Bruce Atherley
    Cotton Council International
    Well cotton is just a great fiber, right? Because it's natural. It grows in many climates. It's actually a drought-resistant crop, which many people don't know, meaning it actually doesn't take much water to grow cotton.

    Cotton also has the lowest environmental impact. After 250 days, it is 76% biodegradable in wastewater - far more than other fibers.

    Bruce Atherley
    Cotton Council International
    The U.S. is the only country in the world with quantifiable environmental goals for cotton production for 2025. And we've just introduced the U.S Cotton Trust Protocol as a vehicle for our growers to demonstrate conclusively that they are following sustainable farming practices.

    The U.S. Cotton Council International says cotton from the U.S. accounted for 77% of Taiwan's cotton imports last year. The cotton industry is continuing to improve its farming practices, so that consumers can feel good about the environmental impact of their clothing.

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    品質.環保兼具 美國棉穿出流行趨勢!

    台灣紡織業舉世聞名,為了維持品質,國內紡織廠大量使用美棉為材料,不但重視材質也重環保,有研究顯示,跟人造纖維相比,棉花天然、 對海洋不會造成污染。


    [[美國國際棉花協會執行總監 Mr. Atherley]]


    [[美國國際棉花協會執行總監 Mr. Atherley]]

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