The costs behind joining a meal delivery app (2019/12/04)
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    The costs behind joining a meal delivery app (2019/12/04)

    Meal delivery platforms have created NT$23.7 billion worth of business opportunities in Taiwan over the past year. Restaurants can expand their customer base by about 30% by partnering up with these apps. But jumping on a meal delivery app comes at a price. There's a fee for getting listed, a hefty commission on orders, and a price for getting more exposure. Let's see the fees of meal delivery on the restaurant's side.

    Steaming hot noodles and chunks of meat are bathed in a savory broth to make this shop’s best-selling beef noodles. Dine-in service isn’t enough to turn a profit, so the restaurant has dived into the delivery market.

    The restaurant says that in just three months, deliveries became more than 30% of its revenue. The Ministry of Economic Affairs says meal delivery platforms have created NT$23.7 billion in business opportunities. One in four consumers has ordered meal delivery before, and 2 million deliveries are made every month.

    Lin Chih-ping
    You can’t not partner with an app. On the streets, all you see is their scooters. It’s a lot of exposure. Now young people go to brick-and-mortars less and less. They all use delivery apps. So we have no choice but to work with apps.

    Partnering with these platforms doesn’t come cheap. Operators say that listing their business can cost NT$3,000 to NT$5,000. To get their food photographed, that’s another NT$3,000 to NT$5,000. After launch, the app takes a 30 to 35% cut on each order. If the restaurant wants more exposure, that’s possible -- at a price.

    Lin Chih-ping
    There are ways to gain exposure, to get more visibility. First, if your revenue is high -- if you are among the top sellers on the app -- you will appear closer to the top. Another way is arrange a promotion with them. That way, when users open the app, your shop is what they see.

    Over 10,000 businesses have partnered with delivery platform Foodpanda and 7,000 with Uber Eats. These two market leaders are cashing in big on Taiwan’s craving for convenience.

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    [[餐飲集團總裁 林致兵]]


    [[餐飲集團總裁 林致兵]]

    目前,Foodpanda合作店家突破1萬大關,Uber Eats也有近7千家,外送雙雄創造新的經濟模式,大賺懶人財。
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