Lonely Planet ranks Taipei as second best city to travel to in 2022 (2021/11/25)
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    Lonely Planet ranks Taipei as second best city to travel to in 2022 (2021/11/25)

    Taipei was ranked the second best city to travel to in 2022, in a list released by the Lonely Planet. From good eats to overall cleanliness, Formosa News reporter Stephany Yang finds out what foreign residents of Taiwan like about Taipei.

    Taipei has been ranked second in the Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2022 survey. What makes Taipei so appealing? Foreign residents say Taipei is well organized and safe. They also say the diversity of cuisine and the kind locals are other factors that make Taipei a great place to visit.

    Milan Brinker
    International student
    I come from Berlin, from Germany. The thing that I like here about the city is how the people are organized here, well behaved and very well structured. People really follow the guidelines. You feel very safe here in the city, and it's great. There is even queuing to get to the subway train, which is amazing. You wouldn't see this in Berlin.

    Jade Roc
    Foreign resident
    We are French. I really like Taipei. Like he said, the organization of Taipei is amazing. It's really different from where we are from. I also like the fact that even though there are not a lot of trash cans along the road, but the roads are still really clean. That's something we can't see in France.

    Isabel Farina
    Foreign resident
    I really like the security and feeling of the street. I think the night markets are amazing. We can find a lot of traditional food, and things are very different from French food. I really like the night market and the drinks too, like, bubble tea drinks I think are very nice. We can find a lot of little shops, maybe not big brand, in little streets that are very nice. I like that, it's very beautiful. People are very nice. I get lost every day, and every day, people help me and sometimes go with me to the place to make sure I find the place.

    With the success of containment policies, and now higher rates of vaccination, Taiwan has recently eased some COVID restrictions. Foreigners in Taiwan praised the country's pandemic response.

    Milan Brinker
    International student
    Everyone is so well behaved here – we basically have no corona here. Basically everything is open. The only thing you really need to do in this corona time is to wear a mask for like 20 minutes onthe streets and scan the QR code. Apart from that you feel totally free. You can go to bars and restaurants and stuff like this. I have absolutely no problem to be here during Corona. Apart from this, and when I go to the subway, there's absolutely no impact on me.

    Jade Roc
    Foreign resident
    We are more free than in France, because in France we have lots of restrictions. Even though now it's getting better. But here, I feel like we just have to wear masks and we have to scan the QR code. But that's the only inconvenience that isn't really an inconvenience.

    Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2022 ranks the world’s cities and regions by compiling the opinions of travel writers, bloggers and publishing partners from all over the world. The expert panel judges the cities' overall sustainability, inclusiveness and commitment to their communities, as well as the readiness of the destinations to welcome tourists in 2022.

    Travel writer
    The potential of Taiwan's international tourism industry has always been very high, though many people may not believe that. I have traveled the world, and I talked with many of the foreign friends I’ve met and they think this list is quite accurate. The list includes countries that have a strong human touch. Taiwan is really suitable for traveling to. For example, Taiwan’s public safety is better than that throughout the Americas or in most European countries. It also has that human touch, and the food is delicious. Taiwan’s consumer prices are better than other countries with good public safety. Also, because Taiwan is small, it has a certain advantage. Take Taipei as an example, you can go up to the mountain to soak in the hot springs in less than an hour’s drive, and you can go down to the ocean as well.

    The top 10 best cities to travel to in 2022 in this year's report are Auckland, Taipei, Freiburg, Atlanta, Lagos, Nicosia, Dublin, Merida, Florence, and Gyeongju.As borders start to reopen, travelers are looking forward to booking their next travel destination. What's on your list?
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    孤獨星球2022最佳旅遊城市出爐 台北拿下第二名



    [[外國學生 明倫]]

    [[外國人 崔雅德]]

    [[外國人 方笑笑]]


    [[外國人 明倫]]
    "這裡的每個人都表現得很好,基本上沒有甚麼疫情,原則上一切都是開放的,疫情期間唯一真正需要做的,就是在街上要戴上口罩然後掃QR code。除此之外,感覺上是完全自由的,酒吧和餐廳都可以去。疫情期間待在這裡絕對沒有問題,然後,搭捷運也沒有甚麼影響"

    [[外國人 崔雅德]]
    "我們比在法國更自由,因為在法國有很多限制,雖然現在越來越好了,但是在這裡,我們只需要戴上口罩,掃QR code,但這些不方便,都不是真的不方便"


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