Fruit stand in Hualien offers unlimited watermelon for NT$50 (2020/06/03)
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    Fruit stand in Hualien offers unlimited watermelon for NT$50 (2020/06/03)

    Tucking into a succulent slice of watermelon is one of summer's most refreshing delights. But sometimes, one slice is not enough. A shop in Hualien's Shoufeng Township is offering as much of the fruit as you can eat for just NT$50. The shop owner says seeing passersby satisfied after helping themselves to unlimited servings is worth not necessarily turning a profit.

    Bite after bite, this refreshingly juicy watermelon is eaten up. In the scorching summer heat, this fruity treat is enjoyed with gusto. It’s extremely affordable too. This shop has a sign promising all the watermelon you can eat for just NT$50.

    This watermelon stand is located in a rest stop on Provincial Highway No. 9 at Hualien’s Shoufeng Township. The business opens for business in March, offering as much watermelon as you want for NT$50. The shop closes for the year in October. It’s been operating this way for 12 years.

    Ms. Chen
    Shop owner
    When it gets hot, a lot of people come on bicycles and motorbikes.

    The fresh watermelon is a great way to cool off the heat. Its prime location next to the highway has made it the favorite pit stop of many a driver. But with unlimited watermelon on sale, does this shop turn a profit?

    The shop owner says she’s not worried about making losses. She says what matters is seeing her patrons enjoying their watermelon.

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    只需銅板價! 花蓮西瓜休息站推吃到飽消暑




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