Two imported cases, two local cases linked to preschool cluster (2021/09/09)
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    Two imported cases, two local cases linked to preschool cluster (2021/09/09)

    Four more COVID cases have been linked to a cluster infection at a New Taipei preschool, taking the total to 27. Two of the new cases are relatives of a student at the preschool. The others are a construction worker who had been inside that student’s apartment complex, and the construction worker’s wife. The CECC said it’s possible that this student’s father was the infection source of the cluster. Another possible source is a preschool teacher who was diagnosed early on. But the CECC emphasized that there still isn’t enough information to determine for sure.

    Chen Shih-chung
    Health minister
    There are four local cases, two imported cases and one death.

    In CECC’s latest COVID figures, there were two imported cases, both connected to a cluster infection at a New Taipei preschool. They are relatives of a student at the preschool. The two of them and the student’s father have been provisionally listed as imported cases.

    Chen Shih-chung
    Health minister
    The father, who is Egyptian, was active in his residential community. He spent the rest of his time in one other area, in Sanchong. The two imported cases are his brother and his cousin, and they spent a lot of time together. Right now, it’s more likely that these three are imported cases, so we’re listing them as such for the time being.

    The CECC says the three men arrived in Taiwan on Aug. 4. They all tested negative for COVID before, during and after quarantine. But their tests came back positive in more recent tests. The student’s father is being investigated as a potential source of infection. But the CECC says it’s also possible the cluster began with a teacher.

    Chen Shih-chung
    Health minister
    It’s very difficult to determine the source. Of course, judging from the onset of symptoms, Case #16,129, the preschool teacher, and Case #16,160, the Egyptian father are two possibilities.

    The student’s father and five other cases in the cluster live in the same apartment complex. On Thursday, a construction worker who had been to the apartment complex was confirmed positive. He had worked in the building on three occasions in August. However, he didn’t work at any of the floors where COVID cases were found. The construction worker and his wife, who live in Taipei, were diagnosed on Thursday.

    Ko Wen-je
    Taipei mayor
    These cases are both related to the outbreak in an apartment complex in New Taipei. One of them is a construction worker who went to that complex three times for work.

    Hou Yu-ih
    New Taipei mayor
    We need to investigate further before we can determine if the construction worker is connected to the preschool cluster. We also need to perform genetic sequencing.

    Besides the construction worker and his wife, there were two other local infections on Thursday, reported from Sanchong. New Taipei Mayor Hou Yu-ih said they were unrelated to the preschool cluster.

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    本土今增4例 其中2例及境外2例與幼兒園有關 


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