US invites Taiwan to Summit for Democracy; China, Russia, Vietnam excluded (2021/11/24)
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    US invites Taiwan to Summit for Democracy; China, Russia, Vietnam excluded (2021/11/24)

    The Biden administration has invited Taiwan to its global democracy summit next month. The online gathering aims to rally likeminded countries in the fight to advance human rights and tackle corruption and authoritarianism. Taiwan is among 110 invited participants, according to a list released on the state department's website. China, Russia, and Vietnam were conspicuously missing from the list.

    The U.S. is planning to hold its first Summit for Democracy in mid-December. Earlier this week, the U.S. state department released a list of 110 invited participants. Taiwan was one of them.

    Tsai Shih-ying
    DPP lawmaker
    The U.S. has made it very clear that Taiwan is a member of the democratic alliance. Given that, the U.S. supports Taiwan's participation in many international events, including those hosted by the U.S. I think that this is quite a positive development. It will inform more people around the world that Taiwan is a sovereign and independent country that is not subordinate to the People's Republic of China. So I think that this is a good thing. In addition, we look forward to Taiwan continuing to play an indispensible role in the region throughout the course of its participation.

    The Summit for Democracy was proposed by U.S. President Joe Biden during his presidential campaign. The summit aims to convene likeminded countries. Its three-part agenda is to defend against authoritarianism, fight corruption, and promote human rights. The list of invited participants includes Japan, South Korea, the U.K., and Taiwan. Countries excluded from the gathering include China, Russia, and Vietnam.

    Wang Ting-yu
    DPP lawmaker
    From the list of 110 invited countries, we can see that among the nations not invited, the more notable ones include China and Russia. It's glaringly obvious that among those democratic nations invited to this democracy summit, there is Taiwan but not China. For Taiwan's international visibility and its bid for international participation, this is a very positive development.

    The first Summit for Democracy will be held online from Dec. 9-10. Minister without Portfolio Audrey Tang and de facto ambassador to Washington Hsiao Bi-khim will represent Taiwan at the event.

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    美邀我參與"全球民主峰會" 中.俄.越遭排除



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