White House ‘concerned’ over spike in Chinese aircraft incursions (2021/10/05)
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    White House ‘concerned’ over spike in Chinese aircraft incursions (2021/10/05)

    The U.S. says it’s concerned over China’s recent military incursions into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone. Since last Friday, Taiwan has reported PLA incursions every day, with a record-high 56 aircraft entering on Monday. Let’s hear from the White House.

    Jen Psaki
    White House spokesperson
    We remain concerned by the People's Republic of China's provocative military activity near Taiwan, which is destabilizing, risk miscalculations and undermines regional peace and stability. Our commitment to Taiwan is rock-solid. We’ve been clear privately and publicly about our concern about the PRC’s pressure and coercion toward Taiwan and we’ll continue to watch the situation very closely.

    Chiu Tai-san
    Mainland Affairs Council minister
    Over recent days, PLA aircraft have repeatedly conducted large-scale incursions. I think this has serious repercussions on cross-strait peace and stability. Of course, it also raises regional security and peace issues in Asia.

    Chiu Kuo-cheng
    Defense minister
    The frequent incursions naturally put quite a lot of pressure on our Air Force, Navy and Army. But this pressure – as I have told our colleagues – this pressure is actually encouragement for us, as it’s a warning for us to be battle-ready.

    A military analyst says China may not intend to provoke Taiwan only. He says China’s activity could also be a warning for the U.K., which recently dispatched its HMS Queen Elisabeth to the area.

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    中擾台戰機創新高! 白宮:提升誤判形勢風險


    [[白宮新聞發言人 薩琪]]

    [[大陸委員會主委 邱太三]]

    [[國防部部長 邱國正]]
    “(擾台)那麼樣頻繁,自然對我們空軍也好,海軍也好,防空部隊來講,的確造成滿大的壓力,但是這種壓力,我跟我們同仁講,這壓力也是,對我們來講一個助力 ,督促我們做好戰備整備”

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