Han Kuo-yu cancels US trip, citing time constraints (2019/10/18)
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    Han Kuo-yu cancels US trip, citing time constraints (2019/10/18)

    KMT presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu has canceled his planned visit to the U.S., which was originally slated for November. The mayor made the announcement on Friday after a closed-door meeting with AIT Chairman James Moriarty. Han told reporters the decision was due to his campaign schedule, which was under tight time constraints.

    Not long after taking an extended leave of absence, Han returned to work for a half day on Friday to sit down with the AIT’s chairman.

    James Moriarty
    AIT chairman
    Your warm welcome is an expression of the long connection between Taiwan and the United States, which as I keep on telling people, is perhaps stronger now than it has been at any point in the 40 years since the Taiwan Relations Act.

    The pair reportedly touched upon election issues. Han’s key campaign advisers Su Chi and Chao Chien-min were present to support him in talks with the official. Han told media that during his closed-door talks with Moriarty, he’d said he would not be making it to the U.S. before Election Day.

    Han Kuo-yu
    Kaohsiung mayor
    There are only 80 days remaining before the elections. The campaign tour spans Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu, and I haven’t even completed the first trip. This trip to the U.S. … due to time constraints, I will not be able to complete it as I’d hoped to. But I guarantee that next year, after the ballots are cast, if it is possible, I will immediately visit the U.S.

    Han cited time constraints, but a report says his adviser Su had fiercely opposed to the visit. According to the report, the adviser pushed him to cancel due to concerns that the mayor was unprepared and would be rebuffed by Washington.

    Liu Shih-fang
    DPP lawmaker
    It could be that Han himself realizes that he isn’t able to engage well in discussion about cross-strait and international relations. So he’s thinking he may as well take an automatic zero on the test.

    Han’s campaign office says it’s making plans for Han’s wife Lee Chia-fen to visit the U.S. in his place and to meet with Taiwanese expat communities.

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    韓國瑜上午銷假會莫健 下午證實取消訪美



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