Han Kuo-yu ignites debate after comparing migrant workers to chickens (2019/08/30)
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    Han Kuo-yu ignites debate after comparing migrant workers to chickens (2019/08/30)

    Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu has been hit with a public backlash, after he compared migrant workers to chickens. In a livestream, he remarked that the professionals leaving Taiwan were like phoenixes, and that the workers entering Taiwan were like chickens. The metaphor has drawn a protest from President Tsai, who said foreign laborers should be thanked and not denigrated. Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan also defended the migrant labor force and called on Han to make a public apology.

    In the livestream of his second policy presentation, Han addressed the topic of brain drain in Taiwan. When talk turned to the flow of labor, he made an analogy that many saw as discriminatory.

    Han Kuo-yu
    KMT presidential nominee
    Talent keeps flowing out and only laborers come in. That creates a problem. The phoenixes have all flown away. The ones that come in are a bunch of chickens.

    Sitting next to him was former minister without portfolio Joyce Feng, who protested the remark. Han rushed to apologize for the remark, saying that no discrimination was intended.

    Han Kuo-yu
    KMT presidential nominee
    I hope that the phoenixes abroad can all fly back to Taiwan. We can create more competitive conditions and a superior environment. That's all I meant to say. Maybe my mouth ran too fast with that example. My Chinese zodiac sign is the rooster, so I thought of chickens -- chickens coming in one by one. All I want is for phoenixes to do the same.

    Han tried to backtrack after the broadcast, but the comment had already ignited public discussion.

    Tsai Ing-wen
    Immigrants and foreign laborers are welcome here. We thank them for their contributions to Taiwanese society. Let's do away with these prejudices in Taiwanese society.

    Tsai called on Han to respect foreign workers in Taiwan. The mayor of Taoyuan - the city with the most foreign labor in Taiwan - also rebuked Han for the analogy.

    Cheng Wen-tsan
    Taoyuan mayor
    I think that, as a presidential nominee, you shouldn't have these slips of the tongue. There are foreign embassies that are really concerned about this type of thing. I think this blunder warrants a formal apology.

    Back in March, Han had apologized for using the derogatory term "Maria" to refer to citizens from the Philippines. Just a few months later, he's under fire for a similar incident.

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    韓"鳳走雞來"說挨批歧視 鄭文燦:應正式道歉



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