Eagle family’s adventures create delight for bird lovers in Pingtung (2021/04/08)
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    Eagle family’s adventures create delight for bird lovers in Pingtung (2021/04/08)

    A story for bird lovers. It's time to meet Pingtung's most beloved eagles. Recently, a popular livestream of a wild eagle nest was interrupted by the alarming sight of flames licking the tree. Luckily, the family emerged unscathed. Researchers at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology have been following the family for months. Soon, they say, the babies will be all grown up.

    A mother eagle is guarding her nest carefully, when suddenly a wall of smoke drifts over the screen. Before long she's enveloped in smog and then flames, shocking the researchers watching.

    Voice of Hung Hsiao-yu
    NPUST Ph.D candidate
    The babies were still lying in the nest here, about 20 meters down there.

    The camera was in a tree trunk that caught fire. Firefighters rushed to the scene, fearing for the brood's fate.

    With support from the Forestry Bureau, the Bird Ecology Lab at NPUST started the first-ever livestream of eagles raising their young in Pingtung. The fire was a big shock, but luckily, all the birds escaped. But this little fellow's trials weren't over. His right foot was caught in the strap of a discarded face mask.

    Hung Hsiao-yu
    NPUST Ph.D candidate
    The mask got wrapped around Pudding's foot. Thankfully he managed to get it off himself after about two hours.

    The mask was picked up by one of Pudding's parents, who also brought back to the nest plastic bags, a pair of women's underwear, and even ritual tomb paper. All these bits of litter are precious finds for the birds.

    Hung Hsiao-yu
    NPUST PhD candidate
    They bring back light-colored things, because when they go in the nest, it makes the nest bright. Then when other birds see it from the sky, it's very obvious, it says, "My home is here, and I'm a good fighter, so don't come and invade my territory."

    The livestream lets bird-lovers watch the whole life cycle of the eagles. After the fire, internet users voted to name the two babies "Pudding" and "Creme Brulee."

    Voice of Hung Hsiao-yu
    NPUST Ph.D candidate
    Perhaps it was because they got roasted by the fire, so we call them "Burnt Pudding" and "Creme Brulee."

    The researchers have fixed orange research tags onto Pudding and Creme Brulee's legs. They plan to later attach bird rings. In about a week they will be leaving the nest and starting their own independent lives.
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