Lucky phone owner finds device dropped in Sun Moon Lake, and it still works (2021/04/08)
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    Lucky phone owner finds device dropped in Sun Moon Lake, and it still works (2021/04/08)

    Turning now to a story of immense good luck on holiday. One visitor to Sun Moon Lake dropped his phone in the water last year. But this year, due to the drought and falling water levels, he was lucky enough to find it again! And what's more - it's still in perfect working order.

    This phone was fished out of Sun Moon Lake after a year underwater. Astonishingly, it still works.

    Mr. Chen
    Phone owner
    It wasn't damaged at all. It doesn't even have water damage. No water got into it at all.

    The phone was submerged in the lake for an entire year. Now it's back in the hands of its owner, Mr. Chen. A year ago he was trying his hand at paddle-boarding in the lake. He fell in many times, with his phone in his pocket, and eventually, it dropped out. It was quite a downer, but his friends consoled him.

    Mr. Chen
    Phone owner
    My friend said, "Don't worry, you'll see it next year, for sure." He was trying to cheer me up. Who could have guessed that it would really come true?!

    Because of the drought, Sun Moon Lake's water level has dipped very low, and the prophecy came true: the phone was found. Its waterproof case was coated in mud, but inside the phone was as good as new, all functions working.

    Wang Jen-fu
    Electronics expert
    The plastic of the case would hardly dissolve in seawater, let alone freshwater.

    This expert says the case had three layers, which is how it could keep every drop of liquid at bay.

    Wang Jen-fu
    Electronics expert
    The phone's waterproof plastic cover, in ideal conditions, also has a waterproof protection sleeve. As long as it's not damaged, it's a bit more likely that your phone won't be damaged.

    Sun Moon Lake is a very popular holiday destination. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of phones sitting at its bottom - perhaps some of them are still in immaculate condition, like this one.

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    手機沉睡日月潭一年! 撈起功能竟完全正常



    [[手機主人 陳先生]]


    [[手機主人 陳先生]]


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    [[3C達人 王仁甫]]

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