Taiex down 344 points on COVID fears (2021/05/03)
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    Taiex down 344 points on COVID fears (2021/05/03)

    Taiwan shares moved lower by nearly 2% on Monday amid rising COVID fears. The weighted index sank by 344 points, or 1.96%, to end at 17,222 points. Turnover exceeded NT$587.7 billion, the second-largest trading volume in market history.

    Tony Huang
    Even if we’re seeing a correction or a reaction to pandemic developments overseas or at home, liquidity is still up. Transaction volume is up, and day trades are up. These are signs that the market is overheated in the short term. Therefore, I would say that over the next day or so, or even over this whole week, the index will be in a state of high volatility.

    Over on the forex, the New Taiwan dollar weakened against the U.S. dollar, closing at NT$27.979.
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    疫情嚇台股! 重挫344點 爆5877億歷史次量


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