Giant panda, tiny baby: Taipei’s Yuan Yuan gives birth to second daughter (2020/06/30)
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    Giant panda, tiny baby: Taipei’s Yuan Yuan gives birth to second daughter (2020/06/30)

    Taipei Zoo has welcomed a new baby giant panda into their menagerie. On Sunday, Taiwan's beloved giant panda Yuan Yuan went into labor and eventually gave birth to a healthy female panda, her second daughter. Almost exactly seven years ago, Taiwan fell in love with Yuan Yuan's first baby, Yuan Zai, and the zoo hopes the new baby will prove just as popular. But zookeepers say it will be six months before she can appear in person before her adoring public.

    An ear-splitting cry breaks out. Yuan Yuan immediately turns to pick the baby up and cradle it to her chest. After five hours’ labor, Yuan Yuan’s second daughter was born, weighing in at just 186 grams.

    Seven years after the birth of Yuan Zai, Mommy Yuan Yuan once more has a newborn to take care of. It was a hard and exhausting labor, and the inexperienced Mom wasn’t able to let the baby drink her milk. Zookeepers stepped in to feed the baby with a bottle and give her some first aid.

    Tsai Hsien-shao
    Taipei Zoo spokesman
    Because she wasn’t drinking her mother’s milk, in the first stage we were scared she might get dehydrated. That would make her lose weight. So we took her out yesterday. Then we found she had a small wound on her back which had to be dealt with straight away.

    Yuan Yuan had accidentally grazed the baby with her teeth while picking her up. Luckily the wound was just minor. In the last seven years Yuan Yuan has gone through six rounds of artificial insemination. The baby could be introduced to visitors before the end of the year.

    Tsai Hsien-shao
    Taipei Zoo spokesman
    We hope we can find out a bit about the new baby’s personality and her behaviour and then base a naming event around that. Yuan Zai was born on July 6 and she was able to meet the public about six months later, before Lunar New Year. We will do our best to introduce the new baby to visitors around Christmas this year.

    Yuan Zai was born in 2013 and her early months were carefully documented by zookeepers, delighting fans young and old across the country. Now Yuan Zai, who will turn seven in just one week, has a baby sister. The zoo promises to organize a naming event and to keep the public updated on her progress like they did for Yuan Zai. Get ready for another bout of panda baby fever.
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    貓熊「圓圓」順產第二胎 可望半年內亮相







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