Master calligraphy brush maker Chen Ching-tsung recognized as national treasure (2020/06/30)
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    Master calligraphy brush maker Chen Ching-tsung recognized as national treasure (2020/06/30)

    Let's turn now to a cornerstone of Taiwan's cultural heritage: calligraphy. While calligraphy masters are often given the limelight, they're just one part of calligraphy culture. Traditionally, a great artist's work is said to flow like clouds and waters. But without a proper brush, that's no mean feat. Master brush maker Chen Ching-tsung has been recognized as a national treasure for his perfection of the traditional craft. But perhaps we should let the brush masters explain for themselves.

    This is Taiwan’s celebrated calligraphy master Chang Ping-huan.

    He makes it look so easy. Characters roll off the brush, then a bamboo plant.

    In his hand, the brush is sometimes soft, sometimes firm, sometimes decisive.

    Chang Ping-huan
    Using this brush, it’s not bitty. It’s very pure. The sensation of writing is simply delightful.

    And the creator of that delightful brush is this old master.

    Now a ripe 62 years old, Chen has been making brushes since he was 16. After almost half a century of craftsmanship, in January Chen was recognized by Taichung City’s Cultural Heritage Department as “conserving the heritage skills of brush craftsmanship,” making him a living national treasure.

    Chen Ching-tsung
    Calligraphy brush maker
    This is a wellspring of culture. So I hope many people will try out brush-making and gradually get into the craft of it.

    There’s little more auspicious than a brush master and calligraphy master’s meeting. Their specialties perfectly complementing, they understand each other’s genius as few others can.
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    讓書法大師張炳煌驚豔 毛筆達人製筆半世紀





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