Ex-diplomat says name of new Lithuania office marks breakthrough (2021/07/21)
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    Ex-diplomat says name of new Lithuania office marks breakthrough (2021/07/21)

    Taiwan plans to open a diplomatic mission in Lithuania this year, called "The Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania." Weighing in on the name, KMT lawmaker Charles Chen said that calling it a "Taiwanese office" is not the same as calling it a "Taiwan office." He said that the office's name carries less diplomatic significance than Taiwan's office in Somaliland, which is called the "Taiwan Representative Office." But on Thursday, a former diplomat disagreed, arguing that the new office's name IS a diplomatic breakthrough.

    Jerry Liu
    Former diplomat
    I disagree with lawmaker Charles Chen. At our representative offices in the U.K. and in Ireland, the T in TRO stands for Taipei. The name of a city. So we’re going from using the name of a city to the name of a country. Even though the name of the country appears in an adjective, I think it is still a positive change.

    The former diplomat believes the name of the new office was carefully designed to include the word Taiwan, but not trigger an outcry from Beijing. He said that if the new office opens according to plan, it could set a valuable precedent for future Taiwan offices.
    中文 Chinese  

    我國將在立陶宛設立台灣辦事處,但英文名稱用的是The Taiwanese而非Taiwan,遭國民黨立委陳以信批評是降格以求,但前外交官劉仕傑不認同這個說法。

    “我是不贊成陳以信委員這樣一個說法,駐英國代表處,駐愛爾蘭代表處,他們(TRO)的T 都是Taipei,都是一個城市的名字,那從城市的名字變成一個國家的名字,雖然是個形容詞,基本上我覺得還是正面肯定”

    前外交官劉仕傑認為,The Taiwanese一詞,可降低主權敏感爭議,減少中國阻撓。值得觀察的是,立陶宛後續能否抵擋得住中國壓力。若能成功,或許未來有機會成為台灣駐外館的慣例。
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