China sends 29 military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense zone (2022/06/22)
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    China sends 29 military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense zone (2022/06/22)

    China sent 29 military aircraft into Taiwan's air defense zone on Tuesday, marking the third-largest incursion so far this year. The sortie included an aerial refueling plane that could extend the range of Chinese bombers. Scholars said the incursion was a message to Washington, a warning that China could reach U.S. bases along the second island chain. Amid continued Chinese posturing, the U.S. has reiterated the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.At a press briefing Tuesday, U.S. state department spokesman Ned Price said the U.S. would continue to transit the Taiwan Strait, emphasizing that it was an international waterway. Beijing recently made the assertion that it had sovereign and administrative rights to the Taiwan Strait.

    China continued its campaign of harassment on Tuesday, sending 29 military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense zone. It was the third-largest intrusion so far this year. Besides the usual Shaanxi Y-8 electronic warfare and surveillance aircraft, anti-submarine aircraft, bombers, and Shenyang fighter jets, a Y-20 aerial refueling plane was also detected. It was a clear escalation in Chinese coercion.

    Su Tzu-yun
    Institute for National Defense and Security Research analyst
    The large aerial refueling plane that was dispatched can extend the range of the Xian H-6 bombers. China is showing the U.S. that it’s capable of attacking bases along the second island chain, including Guam. This sortie was a response to recent U.S. military exercises, including aerospace exercises.

    Ned Price
    US Department of State spokesman
    The Taiwan Strait is an international waterway. We’re concerned by China’s aggressive rhetoric, its increasing pressure and intimidation regarding Taiwan, and we’ll continue, as we’ve said before, to fly, to sail, and to operate wherever international law allows, and that includes transiting through the Taiwan Strait.

    With China ramping up the pressure, the U.S. Department of State declared once again that the Taiwan Strait was an international waterway. In a recent op-ed, China expert Joseph Bosco said Beijing was conflating the differences in its “One China” principle and the U.S.’ “One China” policy. The U.S. recognizes the PRC as the only government of China but maintains that Taiwan’s international status is undetermined, Bosco wrote. Now that China has claimed sovereignty over the Taiwan Strait, Bosco says Washington should declare a “One China-One Taiwan” policy and station U.S. troops in Taiwan.

    Su Tzu-yun
    Institute for National Defense and Security Research analyst
    China has already moved toward a position of “strategic clarity,” so U.S. political circles are calling for adjustments to the “One China” policy. There’s even stronger support for the diplomatic recognition of Taiwan. This is important not just for Taiwan's own security, but also for regional security and even U.S. national missile defense.

    According to the analyst, Beijing’s recent posturing has forced Washington to adjust its China policy. He says that given more provocation, the U.S. may abandon its current “One China” policy altogether.
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    中機擾台29架含"加油機" 創今年第三多



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