Taiwan helps Paraguay get Indian vaccines (2021/04/08)
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    Taiwan helps Paraguay get Indian vaccines (2021/04/08)

    Foreign Minister Joseph Wu says Taiwan helped Paraguay secure much-needed COVID vaccines. He said Taiwan worked with countries with similar values, including the U.S. and Japan, to secure India-made vaccines for Paraguay. Since March, Paraguay has been wracked by protests against the government's response to COVID-19. According to MOFA, China has offered vaccines to Paraguay as bait for severing ties with Taiwan.

    Even as China pushes its vaccine diplomacy in Latin America, foreign minister Wu has confirmed that with the U.S.' help, Paraguay has received vaccines from India.

    Joseph Wu
    Foreign minister
    The Quad refers to the summit meeting between the U.S., Japan, Australia, and India. During this meeting, the four countries agreed to work together to help other countries receive vaccines. Thanks to the help of these friends, India was able to provide some vaccines to Paraguay. Just two days ago, the Indian vaccine Covaxin gained approval from Mexico for inoculation. This resolved Paraguay's urgent need for COVID vaccines.

    Taiwan-India relations have recently been on the rise. Following the Taroko Express train crash, a representative from India's foreign ministry tweeted his condolences on behalf of the Indian government. According to MOFA spokeswoman Joanne Ou, this is significant, for it is the first time India has issued a statement on Taiwan since the two sides set up reciprocal offices in 1995. However, KMT Legislator Lee Guei-min accused the government of exploiting a tragic event for propaganda purposes. Minister Wu denied the charge.

    Joseph Wu
    Foreign minister
    It is MOFA's responsibility to provide such information to the people. The ministry also has the responsibility to develop foreign relations wherever possible. Therefore, when any country in the world expresses condolences to us, we must express our gratitude in return.

    MOFA urged the opposition party not to resort to political bickering when the entire nation was in mourning.
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