NT$5,000 vouchers to be distributed Oct. 8  (2021/09/09)
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    NT$5,000 vouchers to be distributed Oct. 8  (2021/09/09)

    The Cabinet’s latest spending voucher program will start Oct. 8. Premier Su Tseng-chang announced the launch date on Thursday, at a press conference unveiling the final details of the program. Vouchers worth NT$5,000 will go to every national, foreign spouse, and APRC holder born before April 30, 2022. Preorders begin at the end of this month, and pickup starts Oct. 8. Around that same time, eight central government agencies will launch their own spending vouchers, which will be worth up to NT$1,000. These vouchers can be won by lottery, and they can be spent at designated businesses.

    Su Tseng-chang
    Look at these Quintuple Stimulus Voucher samples. They’re very beautiful.

    With vouchers on the screen, Premier Su Tseng-chang presided over a press conference to announce new details of his stimulus program. The vouchers will be available in physical and virtual formats. Starting Sept. 22, virtual vouchers can be loaded onto credit cards, electronic payment cards and mobile payment systems. They can be used starting Oct. 8. Orders for the physical vouchers can be placed starting Sept. 25 at convenience stores, with pickup available from Oct. 8. Vouchers can also be collected at post offices starting Oct. 12, by people who register online or by phone starting Oct. 4.

    Su Tseng-chang
    Three NT$1,000 vouchers, two NT$500 vouchers and five NT$200 vouchers, for a total of NT$5,000. The rules are that you won’t be given change when using them. So you can’t use a NT$1,000 to buy something that costs NT$10, and then ask the business to give you change. You can’t demand that, and the business is not obliged to give you change.

    The Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers will expire on April 30. Vouchers will go to all nationals regardless of income, as well as to the foreign spouses of nationals and foreign residents with APRCs. Vouchers will be accepted at a variety of businesses, including night market stalls, food and drink establishments, and department stores. They can even be used to pay for wedding banquets and tuition fees. And unlike the previous vouchers, these can also be used for online shopping.

    Su Tseng-chang
    Online shopping platforms will have a special section for local businesses and small farmers, so that they can benefit from the voucher program. Not only that, getting listed on the platforms is free. So merchants pay little to nothing in sales commission. They pay little to nothing in advertising and service fees.

    Su said that, as with the Triple Stimulus Voucher program, these vouchers cannot be used to pay taxes or fines, or to buy tobacco or alcohol. How much will the program cost? The economics ministry gave the latest estimate on Thursday.

    Wang Mei-hua
    Economics minister
    The total budget we have allocated is NT$2.085 billion. That’s less than the NT$2.2 billion used for the Triple Stimulus Vouchers. The reason it’s lower is that we’ve reduced printing costs by NT$0.22 per voucher. We’ve lowered processing and handling costs by NT$0.5 per voucher. As for infrastructure development, we already had infrastructure from the previous program – that lowered the cost by NT$12 million.

    Individual government ministries have also announced vouchers of their own.

    The NT$600 “Arts Fun Go” vouchers will make a comeback. They can be used to buy arts and cultural products and performance and exhibition tickets. They will also be accepted at bookshops, cinemas and online arts and culture retailers. The Council of Agriculture has planned vouchers worth NT$888 each, for spending at leisure farms, seafood markets and forest recreation areas. NT$500 sports vouchers will be offered, and they can be used on tickets to sports facilities or athletic competitions. The Hakka Affairs Council’s vouchers will be worth NT$500, usable at designated Hakka shops, restaurants and hostels. Meanwhile, the Council of Indigenous Peoples will offer NT$1,000 in vouchers to use at indigenous-operated shops certified by the council. The economic ministry will provide NT$500 food vouchers that can be used at food and drink establishments, bakeries, night markets and market stands. The transport ministry will give away NT$1,000 for use at hotels, hostels and travel agencies. Meanwhile, the National Development Council will provide NT$500 vouchers for “local revitalization projects.”

    Su Tseng-chang
    We expect that this year, the program will have an even better effect than last year. We expect to see an economic benefit of NT$200 billion.

    With the Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers on the way, local governments are planning stimulus programs of their own. As for local merchants, many are awaiting a much-needed influx of business.
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