Forecasters see 3-5 typhoons approaching Taiwan this year (2020/06/30)
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    Forecasters see 3-5 typhoons approaching Taiwan this year (2020/06/30)

    Plum rain season is drawing to a hot and sticky close, with record high temperatures recorded across Taiwan through June. Forecasters say the next week will see highs of 35 every day, and there's a hot summer coming. Meanwhile they're looking ahead to the typhoon season, and expect three to five typhoons to hit this year. 2020 is a La Nina year, which means the typhoons will probably be slightly weaker than average. But they'll form closer to Taiwan, giving citizens less advance warning of their arrival.

    The hot weather is getting to everyone. On Monday Taipei reached a blistering 38.9 degrees, the hottest day this year. One New Taipei weather station recorded the highest-ever June reading in its 124-year history. Hot weather is expected from July through September, thanks to the La Nina effect. With little rain in July, extremely hot weather could be possible. As for the week ahead, 35 degrees will be the norm.

    Wu Wan-hua
    CWB forecaster
    On Wednesday and Thursday, the falling pressure of the South Pacific High and the approach of the front will mean there could easily be heavy rain or localized very heavy rain, especially in the afternoon. We expect that on Friday and Saturday, after the pressure in the Pacific High increases again, the front will move away somewhat, and our rain will lessen, but the weather will stay hot and sultry.

    Lu Kuo-chen
    CWB forecaster
    The reason it’s so hot is because of the sub-tropical pressure system, the South Pacific High. It’s very strong, so strong that the front approaching from the north is being held at bay because of it. That’s why Taiwan has these high temperatures.

    Ten weather stations across Taiwan set records in June, and that trend looks set to continue. The typhoon season is approaching too. Normally 21 to 25 typhoons form in the Northwest Pacific every year from June to December, and three to five of those approach Taiwan. Forecasters say this year will be in that normal range, but with La Nina developing, they expect typhoons to form closer to Taiwan than normal, meaning we’ll have less warning and less time to prepare for their arrival.

    Lu Kuo-chen
    CWB forecaster
    We predict a normal number of typhoons to approach, approximately three to five. With La Nina, they’ll form closer to Taiwan. Compared to El Nino years, the typhoons will be slightly less strong.

    Even if they’re slightly weaker, the typhoons will appear suddenly, giving little advance notice. Forecasters say the public should stay alert and prepare now for the first typhoon’s visit.
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    颱風季來臨 氣象局估今年3~5個颱風侵台







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