Fisheries Research Institute introduces new fish farming technology for cuttlefish and squid (2016/03/08)
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    Fisheries Research Institute introduces new fish farming technology for cuttlefish and squid (2016/03/08)

    The Fisheries Research Institute announced today a new breakthrough in fish farming. The technology to reproduce oval squid and cuttlefish on a large scale is said to be world leading and may soon even eliminate the need for long-range fishing operations for these species.

    This is a baby oval squid. The size is half of one’s palm and its body is translucent. But its body appears brownish when being fed or experiencing emotions. The color of the body even changes to accommodate its surroundings.

    Taiwan pioneers the world in developing technology that allows massive breeding of oval squid.

    Huang Ting-shih
    Fisheries Research Institute
    We are able to breed oval squid in an artificial environment with them laying their eggs. As the breeding continues, we can transfer this technology to fish farms.

    Massive fishing of cuttlefish and oval squid has led to reduced catch and higher prices

    Huang Ting-shih
    Fisheries Research Institute
    Local breeding technology is now able to massively reproduce cuttlefish and oval squid like grouper. This way it’s easier for people to access them and the prices will be cheaper too.

    The breakthrough in fish farming technology could reduce market prices for oval squid and cuttlefish and allow them to be kept as aquarium pets.
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    農試所技術獨步全球 人工養殖軟絲成功




    [[農委會水產試驗所研究員 黃丁士]]


    [[農委會水產試驗所研究員 黃丁士]]

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