Severe Typhoon Chanthu on course to hit Taitung as early as Friday (2021/09/09)
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    Severe Typhoon Chanthu on course to hit Taitung as early as Friday (2021/09/09)

    Turning to the latest on Severe Typhoon Chanthu. This storm has intensified quickly, going from a tropical storm to a severe typhoon in just three days. Its path shifted sharply north Thursday afternoon. It’s now headed straight for Taiwan, where it’s predicted to make landfall on Taitung as early as Friday. Let’s hear from a forecaster.

    Wu Wan-hua
    On Saturday, the periphery of the storm will affect eastern and southern regions, bringing intermittent rain and thunderstorms. The southeastern region and the Hengchun Peninsula can expect localized heavy or extremely heavy rain. Afternoon showers are likely along the upper half of the island, and the outlying islands will get intermittent rain. On Sunday, the weather will be extremely volatile islandwide, with showers and thunderstorms likely and a chance of localized heavy or extremely heavy rain.

    Chanthu is one of two storms brewing in the western Pacific. The other is Tropical Storm Conson, which is currently near the Paracel Islands. It’s moving west, toward China’s Hainan Island. If it continues on its forecast path, it will not have an impact on Taiwan’s weather.

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    強颱璨樹路徑大幅北修! 恐從台東登陸


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