Israeli doctor in Taiwan to deepen knowledge of acupuncture (2019/04/04)
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    Israeli doctor in Taiwan to deepen knowledge of acupuncture (2019/04/04)

    A doctor from Israel has brought his family to Taiwan as he embarks on a PhD in acupuncture. Gil Elazar Ton is studying at China Medical University in Taichung, which is acclaimed for its programs in Chinese medicine and pharmacology. He’s deepening his knowledge of Chinese medicine and the Chinese language, and he’s also falling in love with Taiwan along the way.

    Pointing at acupuncture points on the human body, this 34-year-old from Israel explains each one in simple Chinese.

    A Chinese medicine doctor back home, he came to Taiwan to deepen his skills with a PhD in acupuncture.

    Gil Elazar Ton
    Israeli student
    This is the “hegu” – we in the west call it the fourth acupuncture point on the large intestine meridian. We don’t call it hegu. If you know the meaning of hegu, then you understand the meaning of this acupuncture point.

    In Israel, each of the acupuncture points is represented only by a number. Learning what Taiwanese practitioners call them has widened his knowledge of Chinese medicine and the Chinese language.

    Lee Yu-chen
    China Medical University
    Learning the Chinese names of the acupuncture points lets you link them directly with treatment and diagnosis. That opens up a better understanding of the acupuncture points’ significance.

    He’s become enchanted by Chinese medicine – and by Taiwan, too. He says that after getting his PhD, he might even stay in Taiwan, taking up work in teaching or research.
    中文 Chinese  
    以色列學生愛中醫 來台攻讀針灸博士

    中國醫藥大學,一名來自以色列的學生唐吉利Gil Elazar Ton,本身是中醫師,為了精進醫術,千里迢迢,跑來台灣攻讀針灸研究所博士,他熱愛中醫,也對穴位針灸很有想法,透過學習這些穴位名稱,讓他更能了解背後的意涵。



    [[以色列學生 唐吉利]]
    “這個合谷(穴) ,我們西方的國家叫大腸經第四個,沒有叫合谷,如果你知道合谷的意思,你會了解這個穴道的意義”


    [[中國醫藥大學附設醫院針灸科主任 李育臣]]


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