Hepatitis C patients at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases: study (2019/05/16)
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    Hepatitis C patients at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases: study (2019/05/16)

    In Taiwan, hepatitis B and hepatitis C are both common viral infections that target the liver. They're both potentially fatal, but a growing body of research shows that it's more dangerous to have hepatitis C. Doctors at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital have found that hepatitis C infections cause damage to the inner wall of blood vessels. As a result, patients with hepatitis C have a higher risk of developing and dying from heart disease.

    In Taiwan, 774,000 people suffer from hepatitis C. Chang Gung Memorial Hospital doctors have found that damage from a chronic hepatitis C infection does not stop at the liver but can also affect the heart.

    Wu Chien-chia
    Inflammations and infections damage the interior wall of blood vessels, causing the surface to no longer be smooth. As a result, things inside the blood vessels -- like platelets, coagulation factors, white blood cells, and blood lipids -- get stuck in the wall and pile up over time. This can lead to the narrowing and the blockage of blood vessels.

    Their study shows that, in comparison with patients with hepatitis B, patients with type C are 1.38 times more likely to develop acute coronary syndromes, such as a heart attack. They are 1.31 times more likely to suffer a stroke, and their mortality rate is 1.48 times higher. Physicians say that since hepatitis C causes inflammation all over the body, it is far more severe than type B.

    Wu Chien-chia
    Follow-ups on our research have all found that type C patients are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases in the three to five years after diagnosis, as well as the five to seven years afterward.

    In the past, it was believed that hepatitis only affected the liver and put the patient at risk of liver cancer. Although medical advances have been able to dramatically lower the risk of liver problems, little research has been done so far to address the host of cardiovascular complications. Hepatitis C patients are advised to urgently seek medical treatment if they experience chest pain or tightness.

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    慢性肝炎傷”心” 心臟疾病風險C肝大於B肝



    [[長庚醫院心臟內科主治醫師 吳健嘉]]


    [[長庚醫院心臟內科主治醫師 吳健嘉]]


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