New bento delights to launch at Formosa Railroad Bento Festival (2019/10/29)
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    New bento delights to launch at Formosa Railroad Bento Festival (2019/10/29)

    Generations of Taiwanese grew up enjoying bento box lunches sold at train stations.
    This iconic quick lunch will soon be the star of its own festival. The Formosa Railroad Bento Festival runs from Friday to Monday at Taipei Main Station. It will showcase 12 new boxed lunches that will be sold at train stations acrossTaiwan. The festival will also exhibit delicacies from railroad companies in Japan, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, and other countries.

    It's bentos representing different parts of Taiwan. One is Hualien's Makao chicken cutlet bento. Another is Yilan's cherry duck with candied kumquats. There's also a Provencal bento packed with herby flavors. The TRA has developed 12 new dishes to showcase alongside meal boxes from other countries at the upcoming Formosa Railroad Bento Festival.

    Huang Shih-hsien
    TRA official
    The most difficult one to make is Taipei's grilled salmon bento box. The grilled salmon bento box has many side dishes, more than the ones in regular bento boxes.

    This year marks the fifth edition of the festival, which will also showcase 12 bento boxes from Japan. They include a meal box shaped like a Shinkansen train and unagi rolls from the Kintetsu Railway. Visitors will also be able to sample meals served on Switzerland's and Sri Lanka's railway systems.

    Huang Shih-hsien
    TRA official
    The TRA once sold 10.53 million bento boxes in one year. We hope to see that number go even higher. From January to September, we sold 90,000 more bento boxes than the same period last year. At this rate, we expect that by year's end we'll easily be past the 10.6 million mark.

    Last year, the TRA made NT$700 million in bento box sales. With the festival's promotion campaigns, this year could prove to be even more profitable.
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    台鐵鐵路便當節 日本、瑞士便當來台PK



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