Storms brewing but clouds to part on National Day (2021/10/05)
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    Storms brewing but clouds to part on National Day (2021/10/05)

    Turning to the weather. A tropical depression is strengthening in the South China Sea. It could intensify into a storm by Wednesday. Wet weather is expected across the East Coast, the North Coast, and the greater Taipei area on Thursday and Friday. But the rain will taper off over the weekend, just in time for the National Day celebration.

    The Pacific high on Tuesday delivered high temps and clear skies to the western half of Taiwan. But the fair weather won’t stay for long. A depression in the South China Sea could turn into the 17th tropical storm of the year as early as Wednesday. Its periphery could bring heavy showers to windward areas of the eastern half and the Hengchun Peninsula.

    Wu Wan-hua
    This depression in the South China Sea – after the storm forms, it will move west-northwest. It will affect us mainly on Thursday and Friday. The storm’s periphery will deliver localized rains to the eastern half and to the Hengchun Peninsula.

    The storm’s periphery is set to affect Taiwan on Thursday and Friday, bringing high humidity to the East Coast, the Hengchun Peninsula, the North Coast including Keelung, and the greater Taipei area. But dry weather will return to Taipei, just in time for the Double Ten National Day parade.

    Wu Wan-hua
    From Sunday to Monday – that is, the last two days of the Double Ten long weekend – the chance of rain will be highest along the North Coast including Keelung, the eastern half and the Hengchun Peninsula. Other areas will see sunshine.

    To the east of the Philippines, a tropical disturbance could intensify into a depression. It could even strengthen into the 18th tropical storm of the year before Oct. 10. If it does, Taiwan would have two tropical storms in its vicinity.

    Wu Wan-hua
    The marine and atmospheric conditions seem to be favorable for these systems to mature.

    The CWB say it’s too soon to say if the second storm will form or what path it could take. The weather is set to be volatile this long weekend, so check the forecast before heading out.
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    颱風最快週三生成 東部受影響



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