KMT gets thousands of new members from Han’s camp (2019/12/04)
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    KMT gets thousands of new members from Han’s camp (2019/12/04)

    KMT Chairman Wu Den-yih appears to be facing a challenge for his post. Tainan City Councilor Hsieh Lung-chieh, a prominent Han Kuo-yu supporter, has launched a leadership bid that's garnered strong support from Han's voter base. Thousands of Han supporters have recently registered to join the KMT, so that they'll be able to cast a vote in chairmanship elections.

    These receipts for KMT membership fees have appeared across social media. Han’s supporters are joining the party in droves to support Hsieh’s chairmanship bid. Amid the influx, the stance of Chairman Wu’s camp has become increasingly clear.

    Lin Yi-hua
    KMT legislator
    Going by what the circumstances look like right now, this is a case of self-defeatism. It’s not very appropriate at this time to launch an online membership drive for the KMT. But I welcome everyone to join the KMT if they are doing so to make the KMT stronger.

    Hsieh, a staunch member of Han’s camp, had urged Han’s supporters to join. As of the end of November, the KMT has gotten 4,000 new members from across the island. As he braces for a storm, Chairman Wu has quietly begun to buttress his position.

    He didn’t look over in response to reporters’ questions. Reports say Wu hopes to save his seat with strategic assistance from ex-lawmaker Alex Tsai.

    Hung Hsiu-chu
    Former KMT chairwoman
    I feel that at this time, there are no power struggles within the party. We are completely focused on the election. There’s no need to concern ourselves with problems that do not need to exist.

    KMT members need to have been in the party at least four months before they can vote for chairman. This means that if a chairmanship vote is held right after the general elections, the new members wouldn’t be in the position to topple Wu. Even so, party tensions seem set to stage more drama behind the scenes.

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